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1967 Jaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top

Jaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Picture 03I1C303082693A
Jaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693BJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693CJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693DJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693EJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693FJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693GJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693HJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693IJaguar XKE Roadster burgundy / tan top - 1967 - Thumbnail Picture 03I1C303082693J

Posted: 02 Sep 2003

Archived Listing

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Specs & Details

Interior: tan leather
Engine: 4.2L inline 6 cyl
Trans: manual
Miles: 62
Sold For: $32,000

This Jaguar is one of the most collectable of the E-Types, a Series 1 with covered headlights, three SU carburetors, wooden steering wheel, 4-speed fully synchronized transmission, and ‘knock-off' wire wheels. I purchased this (now) classic vehicle, in 1971. For 12 years it was ‘mothballed' until 1995, when it underwent a ‘frame-up' restoration. A complete engine, transmission, and suspension rebuild provides current fast road-hugging performance. Beige Connolly leather upholstery, vinyl, and other interior materials (from G. W. Bartlett), new dash, and an original-grade canvass top, brought this Jag back to its present eye-catching appearance. Although not show quality, this car meets or surpasses Nada's ( definition of average condition and is reserved for significantly less than the $40,900 book value. All components, except for the clock, are functional. The Blaupunkt FM/AM/Cassette Receiver has a detachable face plate to deter theft. The Avon 185 R15 tires are original specification and have less than 350 miles on them, Koni shocks and a complete exhaust system were part of the restoration, a high velocity radiator fan replaces the original - keeping this Jag running cool (80° C), the master cylinder was recently brass relined, and headlamps are high intensity halogen. The odometer was not turned back when the car was restored and although it shows 62917 miles, there is less than 1000 miles on the car since restoration. Chrome is original. Paint (Dupont base-coat/clear-coat) is chipped in several places and would benefit from a refinish. Floor pans have been overlaid with fiberglass. The car comes with the original owner's manual, a quart of finish paint for touchup, a luggage rack, a black hood cover, much of the original tool set, and six spoke wheels. The car is currently registered but since being restored it has been driven sparingly. It is for this reason that I am putting it up for sale. A number of questions suggest the following needs clarification: • This 1967 is a Series 1 - production continued through 6/67. The production number (VIN): 1E14154, engine: 7E11278-9, gear box: EJ11988, chassis: 4E5889. • The ‘tub' (body) is not original - it had too much rust. The floorboards, sills, and transmission tunnel was overlaid with fiberglass, after the body was sand-blasted. This cured minor rust problems and prevented reoccurrence. One of the outer (rocker) sill panels was replaced. There is no wheel well or underbody rust. There is some slight blistering on the bonnet - too small to show up in a photograph (I tried). • I purchased the car in Poughkeepsie, NY from a neighbor. At the time of purchase it probably had less than 20, 000 miles. Prior to my purchase it was involved in a slight accident and at that time the owner changed the color from black to red. The original interior was red. The current colors approximate the Carmen Red - Beige combination for later Series 1. • The upper and lower engine rebuild consisted of standard size bearings and rings, head resurface, and valve reface. There is some minor fluid leakage - rear oil seal and (perhaps) slave clutch cylinder. The transmission rebuild consisted of new synchronizer gears and needle bearings. The chassis has all new rubber, bearings (when needed), front ball joints, tie-rods. • I am an experienced amateur mechanic who has rebuilt multiple engines including a XJG-6 (4.2). This Jaguar has never been serviced by anyone other than me since I purchased it. As a result there are no maintenance records - the car will pass your inspection. • The convertible top is Haartz stayfast an acrylic fabric which looks like mohair but resists fading, shrinking, mildew and brittleness (according to British Auto).


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