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1964 Studebaker Avanti white

Studebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Picture 03G0G325954878A
Studebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878AStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878BStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878CStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878DStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878EStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878FStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878GStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878HStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878IStudebaker Avanti white - 1964 - Thumbnail Picture 03G0G325954878J

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About This 1964 Studebaker Avanti

Posted: 02 Jul 2003

This is a very nice original Avanti. I own a restoration shop and have taken care of this car for the last 5 or 6 years. The owners have asked me to sell it for them. It is a 1964 and is the second year of production.

This car is a 3 owner car as far as we can tell. My customers bought it in San Francisco about 6 years ago and brought it to me for repairs and upgrades. We started with rebuilding the motor and transmission. After that we rebuilt the steering and all the braking system. This car is a daily driver that has had everything done to it to make it so. The air conditioning blows cold and everything works except the vacuum guage on the dash. This car has never been restored. It has always been well maintained. It is not a show car but a really nice daily driver that looks great but could have some restoration done to it. The wheels were installed about 6 months ago but the original wheels and 3 wheelcovers go with the car. The original radio does not play so an aftermarket Alpine C.D. player was installed but the dash was not cut. Three thousand miles have been driven since the mechanics were rebuilt. This is a car that is real nice to look at and a pleasure to drive.

The owners have advertised this car in a San Francisco and reserve the right to a sale prior to the close of this auction. Also, I forgot to mention there is a repair needed to the passenger seat back frame. A weld has cracked.

A lot of questions about it being a 1964 and having round headlights. Our understanding is that the early 1964's had these instead of square. The vin number of this car is R4508. On the California pink slip it is registered as 1964.

Specs & Details

Interior Color: turquoise/white
Engine: V8
Transmission: auto
Price When New: $4,445
Miles Driven: 122,121

Source: Owner

Anytown, U.S.A.

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