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1976 Bradley GT blue

Bradley GT blue - 1976 - Picture 02GUL063283024A
Bradley GT blue - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 02GUL063283024ABradley GT blue - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 02GUL063283024BBradley GT blue - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 02GUL063283024CBradley GT blue - 1976 - Thumbnail Picture 02GUL063283024D

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Specs & Details

Engine: 1600 cc Dual Port
Horsepower: 95 bhp
0-60 Time: 7 sec
Top Speed: 120 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 25/35 mpg
Brakes: drum
Exhaust: Monza Quad
Miles Driven: 8,300 mi

Source: Paul

Washington Court House, Ohio, U.S.A.
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