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1991 Chevrolet Corsica red

Chevrolet Corsica red - 1991 - Picture 01KI9170396450A
Chevrolet Corsica red - 1991 - Thumbnail Picture 01KI9170396450AChevrolet Corsica red - 1991 - Thumbnail Picture 01KI9170396450Chevrolet Corsica red - 1991 - Thumbnail Picture 01KI9170396450BChevrolet Corsica red - 1991 - Thumbnail Picture 01KI9170396450C

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About This 1991 Chevrolet Corsica

Posted: 19 Nov 2001

A Turbo max muffler was added to give the car a very nice sound. Car is very powerful.

Specs & Details

Engine: 3.1 L multiport fuel injection
Exhaust: stock w/ Turbo Max muffler

Source: Matt

Beachside, Newfoundland, Canada

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