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1961 Triumph TR3A red

Triumph TR3A red - 1961 - Picture 01I79585428046A
Triumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046ATriumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046BTriumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046CTriumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046DTriumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046ETriumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046FTriumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046GTriumph TR3A red - 1961 - Thumbnail Picture 01I79585428046H
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Source: Harwood EnterprisesRochester, New York, U.S.A.
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Posted: 08 Sep 2001

Specs & DetailsEngine: 4 cyl
Transmission: manual
Miles Driven: 38,300 mi

About This 1961 Triumph TR3A

This 1961 Triumph is in excellent condition. It has undergone a full/frame off restoration completed to the highest quality. The restoration was completed in 1999. There was about $24,000 invested in this detailed restoration. This car has perfect red exterior with beautiful black interior with white piping. The paint on this car is in immaculate shape. The interior is also in flawless shape with new gauges and switches as well. In addition the frame and underside of this car is very clean and in pristine shape. It comes complete with a soft top, tonneau cover, side curtains and boot, all of which are new. This car runs and drives excellent as well. The detailed restoration is well evident throughout this automobile. Inside the trunk and underneath the trunk mat, this car is extremely clean. Also the spare tire compartment is very clean. The chrome is excellent throughout.

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