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1978 Honda CB400t Hawk Type II orange

Honda CB400t Hawk Type II orange - 1978 - Picture 01ANB114850035A

About This 1978 Honda CB400t Hawk Type II

Posted: 24 Jan 2001

This is a great bike, it's just a little too small for me, I'm 6'1' 225. I have a bigger bike now, but this is the bike that got me started again. It runs great and looks good too. It's not perfect by any means, but everything works and it starts up first time every time, even in the very cold. It's got new tires, battery, and seat cover. I love this bike. If it was smaller I'd keep for ever.

Source: Rich

Manorville, New York, U.S.A.

Specs & Details

Engine: 395 cc
Transmission: 5 speed
Brakes: disc / drum
Weight: 370 lb
Height: 46.5 in
Length: 83.9 in
Wheelbase: 54.7 in
Width: 33.1 in
Miles Driven: 20,000 mi

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